How to recover admin password

It is fairly easy to recover your admin password. You need to have a shell on the server where you installed Mooshak with the same user id. You can do that by executing:

sudo -u mooshak bash

Change to the installation directory by executing


Then change to directory containing admin configs

cd data/configs/users/admin/

This directory contains both the current configurations and the previous ones as hidden files. You can list them with the command line

ls -la

The file .data.tcl contains the current configurations. Other files with this prefix and long string of digits are previous versions of the configurations. The digits string is actually a time stamp (YYYYMMDDHHMMSS).

You may have several previous configurations if you changed them more than once, but you should have at least one. It is probably better to revert to the initial password (which is “admin”, without the quotes) by copying this file over the current configurations. Lets say your oldest file is .data.tcl.20121018101631 then you should execute

cp .data.tcl.20121018101631 .data.tcl

Then you should be able to login as admin with the password equal to the user userid.

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