Mooshak is a system for managing programming contests on the Web. Mooshak's basic features include automatic judging of submitted programs, answering to clarification questions about problem descriptions, reevaluation of programs, tracking printouts, among many others.

Mooshak supports different kinds of contest, specially those based on ICPC rules. It has also support for IOI and "shortest program" contests, and can be easily extended for new types of contests.

The system was originally intended for contests, but it is increasingly being used in programming courses: to give instant feedback on practical classes, to receive and validate assignments submissions, to pre-evaluate and mark assignments, etc.

Mooshak is an Open Source Software distributed under Artistic License.

Getting Started

To correctly install Mooshak 2.0, follow these steps

Virtual Contests

In the virtual server you can compete in past contests as if they were just happening now! You will have access to the same problem descriptions. Your submissions will be checked against the same test vectors. The virtual contest will have exactly the same duration as the original one.

From your point of view, the contest will start the moment you log in.

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Test Drive

You can try all features of Mooshak before deciding to install it. Please bear in mind that this is an unprotected area (anyone has access to the passwords) so be patient if the configuration is not working properly and try not to mess too much with it. Each link bellow gives you access to the interface of a different user profile. Notice that most of these links require an authentication.

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See tutorials
Running Mooshak 2 in Docker

We are currently working on building a number of Docker images of Mooshak 2 with distinct features. Meanwhile, you can use the Docker image for the latest version ( with Java 8 available Mooshak will be available at http://localhost:8081/mooshak

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Asura: Game-based Assessment of Programming Challenges

Asura is an environment for game-based assessment of programming challenges. Its main features include the graphical feedback, the tournament-based assessment, and the framework and tools that it offers regarding the simplification of the process of building Asura challenges.

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Automated Judge for Newcomers

The automated judge is the corner stone of Mooshak. Its role is to automatically classify a submission according to a set of rules and produce a report with the evaluation for further validation by a judge person.

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José Paulo Leal

José Paulo Leal

Main Developer

Assistant Professor at DCC, FCUP and Associate Researcher at CRACS

José Carlos Paiva

José Carlos Paiva

Associated Developer

Student at DCC, FCUP and Associate Researcher at CRACS

Helder Correia

Helder Correia

Kora Component Developer

Student at DCC, FCUP whose master thesis was the development of Kora

Rua Campo Alegre 1021/1055 4169-007 Porto, Portugal
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E-mail: mooshak-support@dcc.fc.up.pt Phone: 220 402 973