Seeking candidates for the validation of Asura

Hi all,

We are currently looking for candidates to validate Asura, an environment for assessment of game-based programming challenges. You can get more information here.

We have created a small open online course to introduce the new functionalities that come in ES6 version of Javascript, with exciting Asura challenges (test group) and traditional programming challenges (control group). At the end of this course, we would kindly ask you to solve an exam to assess the knowledge that you have acquired. This course, including exam, will not take you more than 5 hours and you can do it until 21th of September.

The Asura competition between all the developed agents will take place after the course. Even if you go to the control group, you will be invited to develop your agent after the exam.

The ideal candidate should have a short background on Javascript (half to one year of academic experience).

If you are able to help us and willing to participate in this course, just let a comment here and we will reach you back. Don’t worry, the comment will NOT be visible to others!

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